The big 'C' at sea

Issue 5 June 2011

Focus cancer and blood disorders
Asthma and allergiesy Systems
Repatriation services
Medical Training and distance learning
Medical supplies and kits
Diet and nutrition
Physical initiative
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Preventative Measures

Issue 4 March 2011

Focus on sexual health
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
Drug and alcohol testing
Remote diagnosis
Hospitals and clinics
Health and medical management
Regional focus: North America
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Mind over matter

Issue 3 December 2010

Focus on mental health
Burns and chemical exposure
Drug and medical supplies
Medical response and rescue
Decontamination solutions
Healthcare in the Phillipines
Regional focus: Middle east and Africa
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Once bitten

Issue 2 September 2010

Focus on infectious diseases
Musculoskeletal disorders
Seafarer screening services
Medical kits and bags
Air disinfection
First aid and medical training
Splintage and trauma
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Don't lose heart

Issue 1 June 2010

Focus on the body's cardiovascular system
Blood testing and diagnosis
P&I Insurance
Drug and alcohol testing
Remote diagnosis
Regional focus: USA, Europe and the Far East
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