The Voice of Maritime Health Worldwide

IMMA is a new trade association armed with a broad mandate to represent and promote the health and medical interests of the world’s seafarers, port workers and cruise passengers as well as improve shipboard hygiene.

Launched in January 2010, the International Maritime Medical Association (IMMA), as it is to be known, will look after the medical interests of those involved in the shipping industry worldwide and work to lobby politicians and regulators who influence this important sector of the global shipping industry.

IMMA, which is a ‘not for profit organisation’, will operate out of the Baltic Exchange in London. It will not only represent the medical and health interests of the maritime sector globally, but also act as a legislative watchdog and lobby for change as and where necessary.

It is the only trade association of its kind in the world.

Armed with a mandate to highlight the health and medical issues of the world’s seafarers equally from an owners’ and managers’ perspective as well as through the eyes of the seafarer and the unions, IMMA will bring the views of the ship and crew manager and the seafarer to the forefront when influencing future regulation of this key area of the global shipping industry. IMMA brings together expertise from the medical as well as shipowning, shipmanagement, P&I, port agency and medical auditing spheres.

Michael Van Hall, President of Gezellig, Inc. and formerly President of van Hall Health Inc. and Managing Director Maritime Sector at Health Systems International, Indiana, has been elected as the association’s first President. Full membership of IMMA is open to all stakeholders interested in seafarer and maritime health, fitness and medicine: notably port and shipboard doctors; port clinics; hospitals; medical and speciality medical groups such as dentists and orthopaedists; pharmacists and medical equipment and drug supply and testing companies; P&I Clubs; port agents and port operators as well as shipowning and shipmanagement shipping companies.

For more information go to www.maritime-medical.org

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